Amélioration des compétences en anglais pour les entreprises

  • Improve written skills in employment context (adjusted to focus on profession)
  • Improve reading skills and comprehenstion in employment context (adjusted to focus on profession)
  • Improve oral skills including a focus on telephone communication, including telephone conferences
  • Improve profession-focused vocabulary as well as phrases commonly used in the profession
  • Assess level of student to determine focal point of studies
  • Review and practice grammar
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Exposure and practice using common phrases in the profession
  • Reading and discussion of articles focused on profession
  • Writing and orally presenting with a focus on actual issues that may come up in the profession by student
  • Participation in mock telephone conferences as well as oral comprehension exercises
  • Self-study including practice skills on the internet and recommended viewing of specific English language programs

  • Depending on level of student, course may be entirely in English for full immersion, or lessons may be conducted in French
  • Practical exercises focused on the specific needs of the student
  • Evolution of course depending on the rate of learning by student and any other factors
  • Original materials based on the needs, level and profession of the particular student
  • Any person with an interest in learning English. Course level will be adjusted to the particular student after assesment of English language skills

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